Micro drops from 0.1 mL water samples

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Tray, Insulin syringe 1 mL (100 units) with integrated blunted needle, toilette paper,  detergent, tap water.

1. Fill the syringe with 1 ml water (Photo 1).
2. Remove all gas bubbles, adjust it to 0.1 milliliter (mL). 
3. Distribute this sample inside the tray (Photo 2).

4. Repeat the same experiment with 0.1 mL water after adding detergent (Photo 3). 


a) Water with detergent gives a bigger number of micro drops ( 28 instead of 17 per 0.1 mL).  0.1 mL = 100 Mikro liter (µL).
b) Each micro drop covers a greater space on the plastic surface.

c) Each micro drop of water with detergent has a volume of 100 : 28 µL = 4 µL.


Detergent reduces the surface tension  of water.

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